Brenda Wood

Brenda Wood

Brenda Wood, Author & Speaker

I call myself the ABC girl because I’ve survived the alphabet biggies of abuse, bulimia, and cancer.

Right now I am working my way through the D’s,  recovering from the loss of my husband. I expect to conquer the entire alphabet in my life time with the help of my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

I am a somewhat average gal, not too tall, not too round, not too old or too young. I am not too outgoing, yet I am definitely not an introvert.

I started to write seriously when I learned that journaling could help a person overcome sexual abuse.  Some of those devotionals became the book, Heartfelt Devotionals-366 devotions for common sense living.
My devotionals appear regularly at / and /

Constant dieting produced the Bible Study, God, Gluttony & You, as well as several health-related cookbooks.

When Ron passed, I wrote a picture/story book for grieving children, called The Big Red Chair (2011)

The Big Red Chair_Cover_jpeg

The Big Red Chair-storybook for grieving children

The Big Red Chair is a story that centers around a big red chair that didn’t start out to be so loved. When Afi (Icelandic for Grandpa) gets sick and goes to heaven, the grandchildren still remember Afi and the love and laughter they shared with him, by still using his Big Red Chair.

Meeting Myself-Snippets from a Binging and Bulging Mind  is the painful, though often funny story of my recovery from abuse and bulimia. I’m honoured that both Michael Bull Roberts and Nikki Rosen read and endorsed it.

The Pregnant Pause of Grief, the first trimester or widowhood will be available soon. Guess you could say that writing saved my life. Oh, I know that without Jesus and my husband Ron, (who was my ‘Jesus with skin’) I’d have sunk. But writing gives me a place to look at my life and recognize how far I’ve come.

The Plate Family

The Plate Family Dishes Up a good helping of family fun in this whimsical book based on the lives of five family members who care about each other. The book is based on the lives of the author’s five grandchildren. Brenda and Anne can create a book just for your special little ones too.

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