Deb Powell


For over 30 years Deb’s writing journey has been challenged by life’s storms. Her strong faith, experiences, and passion for writing and helping people, have been the motivation that has kept her going.

Since God has given her the gift of encouraging, Deb loves to use this to reach others face to face, and through inspirational writing. Her portfolio has been built with articles on such things as, faith, community events and school issues, as well as unique tips for making life easier, homeschooling, and healthy eating.

She also makes her own humorous greeting cards, and writes funny poems for adults, and children. She is on her second light mystery novel, and is looking to publish one of her children’s books.

Deb has always enjoyed photography, but even more since her kids bought her a digital camera for her birthday seven years ago. She loves sharing the majestic beauty of creation with others and likes to add thoughts or lessons to them. She says God shows her a scripture verse for every photo.

Deb is a member of The Word Guild and writes a regular column for Kimberley Payne’s web site ‘Healthy Eating’ called‘: ’Easy Vegan Healthy Eating on the Go!’  Deb has been a vegetarian for 15 years and a vegan for 9. She gets a kick out of people’s reactions when she tells them she lives on a beef farm. Deb lives in the Grey and Bruce area of Ontario, has 3 adult children, and last October her first grandchild.


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