Peter Black

Peter BlackPeter A. Black, Author and Columnist, Inspirational Musician and Speaker

As a young boy my reading children’s books and bible stories stirred an early interest in writing. My first creative writing attempt occurred in 1953 when, as a primary-school pupil I was awarded a win in my grade in a contest sponsored by the Ford Motor Company to commemorate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. It would be many years however, before I’d pursue writing—much living was required to inform it.

My wife May and I are blessed with three terrific sons, two lovely daughters-in-law and six wonderful grandchildren. My formative years were spent near London, England, until my family moved to Glasgow, Scotland, in the early 1950s. Our two oldest sons were born in Scotland, and our youngest in Canada.

When we immigrated to Canada in 1974 I left a career as a piano tuner-technician, and studied for pastoral ministry, then served in various Ontarian communities until retiring in 2010. Sermons and Bible studies, some magazine articles, inspirational songs and occasional forays into poetry were all writing output.

Almost nine years of scripting and hosting a church-sponsored radio program helped too. (Hmm—suited me, since I have a ‘radio face’—not ‘TV looks’!) I write a weekly inspirational column for a newspaper serving several rural communities in Southwestern Ontario (I began in 1996).

To raise the reader’s gaze and offer words that bless is a motif I try to keep before me in writing. I hope these parting words bless you:

May you live a life that is drawn from above and never driven from below.

Parables from the pond
Parables from the Pond

Parables from the Pond is a children’s / family book, described as educational, inspirationally oriented and character reinforcing. Targeting the reading level for children mentored in their reading.

Kids from 5 – 95 enjoy the exploits of the main characters—buddies Nancy Newt, Francis Frog and Cecil Snake. Adults as well as kids may in part account for its being read by adults as well as kids.

Order from Christian bookstores or the author.


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Also available through:

Word Alive




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