Ruth Smith Meyer

Ruth Smith Meyer

Ruth Smith Meyer, Author and Inspirational Speaker

Hi everyone! I’m the kind of person who would rather sit down, face to face, to meet you and get to know you. However since early childhood, I’ve found that you can also become good friends through writing. By the time I was in my early teens, I had thirty-two pen pals who got a letter from me at least once a month. You might say my writing career began then, for they weren’t just short notes—they were often 8-10 pages that told my friends a lot about my life and how I observed the world around me.

I was married at 21 and by ten years later we had a son and three daughters and raised four of my best friends who have given me five precious grandchildren. During that time we moved from the conservative Mennonite church in which we’d grown up and also moved to a farming community 150 miles away. There we met new people adjusted to a new church and community and got involved in many other activities and organizations. But I kept reading and writing.

It wasn’t until my husband of 39 years died of cancer and I attended Write! Canada that I called myself a writer and seriously moved into a new phase of writing—first as a regular contributor to a devotional magazine and then writing a novel.

Not Easily Broken

Not Easily Broken, a story based on the mother of one of the seniors at the Day Centre where I worked, told the story of a woman facing the challenge of unbelievable circumstances. My grief reflected in her times of grief, giving them a ring of truth. Helping her work through her anguish aided my own journey.

Not Far From the Tree

The family on which the book was based urged me to write about their own mother. Thus Not Far from the Tree was born. Because I worked closely with the family, most of that book is true, even though some of it seems stranger than fiction. I am so glad to have known her as the strong and cheerful woman she became.

Tyson's Sad Bad Day

When my daughter’s best friend died of cancer at age 40, I wrote a Tyson’s Sad Bad Day for her niece and nephew cope with their sadness. It has since helped many other little ones deal with their grief.

During this time, I have enjoyed the support of my second husband. Two weeks after we were married, he was diagnosed with cancer, so it’s been an interesting journey in the last eight years. However, the love and joys we’ve shared has been enough to float the difficult times.

I also had some of my stories and poems included in anthologies: Grandmothers’ Necklace, A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider and Fifty Shades of Grace.

Grandmother's Necklace

A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider

Fifty Shades of Grace

Currently I am working on a memoir out of my own life. At the present I am calling it Out of the Ordinary and I hope to have it ready for print in the next year.

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