Is The Wisdom Of A Crowd Reliable?

people-by George Hodan script

People by George Hodan

Is The Wisdom Of A Crowd Reliable?

My daughter and I arose early one morning and set off on our adventure to take the Go Train from Oshawa to Union Station. Our ultimate destination was Ripley’s Aquarium, right beside the CN Tower in Toronto.

My GPS made it easy for us to drive to the Oshawa station. We parked and walked towards the building where the attendant explained how the ticket system worked and directed us to the right train. Once on the train, we found our seats on the upper level and relaxed for the hour-long ride.

Excitement mounted when the conductor announced the stop for Union Station. We disembarked with the crowds and fell in step with the group. We assumed that the crowd would get it right and lead us where we needed to go.

When we arrived in the station concourse, the line of passengers spread in all directions. From there, we needed to only follow the signs to find our way to the Aquarium.

We spent a wonderful morning exploring the variety of life at the Aquarium. Then we decided to visit Toronto Island. We didn’t know where to go so we asked a taxi driver and he told us it was a 10-minute walk south. Again, we followed the crowds to help us navigate the streets of Toronto and find our way to the Ferry.

On our return trip, we were joined by throngs of workers leaving office buildings to commute home. We assumed these business people were returning to the Go Station to take the train home from work. It seemed that they all travelled at the same time of day and had repeated this same journey day in and day out.

The mass crowd stopped at a red light as traffic picked up on the roads. But then the group started to march forward when there was a break in traffic. One person thought it okay to go ahead and everyone else just followed without giving any consideration to the fact that they were taking a dangerous chance against rush-hour vehicles.

My daughter and I stopped. Everyone behind us stopped. We waited for the green light before proceeding. We thought it interesting to note that although the groups of people had helped us earlier, it was important for us to not follow mindlessly.

The Bible suggests that we seek the counsel of others and be open to their advice. However, it also makes it clear that the wisdom of crowds may not be reliable and can be dangerous.

In the book The Way to Power and Poise E. Stanley Jones warns us against the group influence. He writes, “If we are herd-centered people, then we are insecure, for the herd is fickle and may quickly change.” We must be courageous and practice discernment in all our decisions and not just follow the group’s influence.


The wisdom of crowds may not be reliable and can be dangerous.

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Can We Just Kiss It?

Can We Just Kiss It?

by Janis Cox


Photo from Free Digital Photos.Net

I have found a real liking to Twitter. I am finding followers all over the world – ones that love Jesus.

Yes they love Jesus. They are from every country and every nation. They are all over the political spectrum. There are Catholics and Protestants. Yes they love Jesus and are searching for other lovers of Jesus.

But, I drop followers if I see dissension or put downs or hatred. Because to me that isn’t Jesus.

We are called to “Build up the Body of Christ”.

Remember that K.I.S.S. Theory. But I have changed it to:

K – Keep
I – It
S – Simple
S – Saints

I love the song, Words by Hawk Nelson. Enjoy it and remember it and say it to yourself over the week.

BUBC  – Build Up the Body of Christ.

Words by Hawk Nelson

They’ve made me feel like a prisoner
They’ve made me feel set free
They’ve made me feel like a criminal
Made me feel like a king

They’ve lifted my heart
To places I’d never been
And they’ve dragged me down
Back to where I began

Words can build you up
Words can break you down
Start a fire in your heart or
Put it out

Let my words be life
Let my words be truth
I don’t wanna say a word
Unless it points the world back to You

You can heal the heartache
Speak over the fear
(Speak over the fear)
God, Your voice is the only thing
We need to hear
(We need to hear)

Words can build us up
Words can break us down
Start a fire in our hearts or
Put it out

Let my words be life
Let my words be truth
I don’t wanna say a word
Unless it points the world back to You
(Back to You)

Let the words I say
(Let the words I say)
Be the sound of Your grace
(Sound like Your grace)
I don’t wanna say a word
Unless it points the world back to You

I wanna speak Your love
Not just another noise
Oh, I wanna be Your light
I wanna be Your voice

Let my words be life
Let my words be truth
I don’t wanna say a word
Unless it points the world back to You
(Back to You)

Let the words I say
(Let the words I say)
Be the sound of Your grace
(Sound like Your grace)
I don’t wanna say a word
Unless it points the world back to You
(Back to You)

Words can build us up
Words can break us down
Start a fire in our hearts
Or put it out

I don’t wanna say a word
Unless it points the world back to You


Words by Hawk Nelson – are you using words to build the body of Christ? (tweet this)

K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Saints – Use words that build the body of Christ. (tweet this)


Janis Cox - Author and Illustrator

Janis, a former school teacher and small business owner, found a new passion in writing in her retirement. A writer since 2003, Janis co-ordinates a group blog called Under the Cover of Prayer. She is also a contributor to a group blog called Family and Faith Matters.

Janis is the author of the award winning children’s book, Tadeo Turtle, published by Word Alive Press. She is the author and watercolour illustrator. For more information visit Janis on her website He Cares for You. She is a member of The Word Guild and Inscribe Writers Fellowship.


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Carolyn j Morris featured in Bradford Times

Carolyn Morris

Author Carol j Morris with her books, printed by railfencebooks – including her newest, Chickadees at Christmas. MIRIAM KING/BRADFORD TIMES/SUNMEDIA

Chickadees at Christmas
By Miriam King, QMI Agency
Monday, September 8, 2014 1:54:49 EDT PM

When Carolyn j Morris was just 8, her mother died, in a tragic accident.

“Life changed after that,” Morris says. Living on a farm in Nottawasaga Township, her days became a constant round of school, and chores. “You just needed to get the work done,” she remembers. “I think I just wanted to be busy” – too busy to grieve.

But life went on. She grew up, moved to Toronto to attend University, became a Kindergarten teacher, and met her husband Iain. They married, and eventually moved to Beeton when daughter Georgia was 5 months old.

It wasn’t until 2006 that the wellsprings of memory, and of grief, were opened; Morris received a laptop as a Christmas present.

“Boxing Day, I started writing. I spent the Christmas holiday writing Mourning Dove,” she says, and finished the book during the March Break. It was the story of 11 year old Billy, grieving the loss of his father – and learning how to cherish his memories and rediscover joy, while at his grandparents’ farm . . .

Read more of the article online at Bradford

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How do I Get Off the Treadmill?

How do I Get Off the Treadmill?

by Janis Cox


photo from

As a Christian I want to please God; I want to bring Him joy. But God is showing me that I can please Him by listening instead of doing. I am a task-oriented person. Give me a job and I will do it to the best of my ability.

I had to learn that I didn’t have to keep doing to please God. And He stopped me in my tracks. “Whoa down,” He said. “Be still,” He said.

Ten years or so ago I learned how to do that – slowly at first. Then it became a discipline to take time to listen to God.

But lately I have found myself on the treadmill once again. As a writer I found myself involved with social media to the detriment of living my life. And I heard God again. “Stop it”, He said.

I am once again having to look at my life. I want to have time to live, to enjoy little things and to clean my house. I know that sounds funny but really it is true. God still wants me to do the things that are important. And I think a clean house is important. (not super important – but important)

Here is what is helping me learn how to get off the treadmill.

  • look at what you are doing presently – do you enjoy it?
  • are you able to take a minimum of a few minutes each day with God?
  • are there things you could let go and it wouldn’t be “earth shattering”?
  • do you have time to see people? do you take time to talk to them? (real living, breathing people, I mean)
  • is God pleased with you? Have you listened to Him lately?

Are you like me? Do you want to live your life, follow Jesus, and do His plan? I would love to know your thoughts.

I also wrote What is Joy? Sometimes I think I should read my writing more often.


How do I get off the treadmill? (tweet this)



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Seasons by Robin Livingston


Photo courtesy of Suat Eman @


by Robin Livingston

The last of the raspberries are picked and safely stored in the freezer for our supply of winter smoothies. I’ve gathered all the apples and their fruity scent makes my mouth water whenever I go into the front porch where they are waiting for my attention.

Over the next few days I will turn those baskets of apples into jar after jar of applesauce to sweeten our mealtimes during the cold season. Today though, the kitchen counter is covered in tomatoes and peppers that came from my husband’s flower bed vegetable garden. It’s time to make chili sauce.

I love living in a country that has seasons to mark the passing of time. Each season has a unique beauty to enjoy but there’s more to it than that. There’s a rhythm to our days when we live in a place that has seasons. At least that’s true when we are part of an agricultural community. We spend the summers growing and gathering and storing food for the winter. We spend the winters renewing our strength and planning and preparing for the next growing season.

Life has seasons too.

Ecclesiastes 3 says, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens…”

No matter what particular season I am in at the moment, whether it is a time of mourning or a time of dancing, I know that it is only for a time. I believe that God uses each season in my life to prepare me for the ones to come. I can embrace whatever season I am in and know that there is a purpose to it that goes beyond whatever my current reality is. That gives me satisfaction and confidence and hope. My life is in the hands of a Master Gardener and nothing ever gets wasted in His economy.

What should I do with the time that I’m in? That’s the million dollar question. How can I make the best of this particular season while it lasts? Thankfulness is always a good place to start. Then, I think I’ll start on that chili sauce.


Embrace whatever season you’re in and know that there is a purpose in it.

Robin Livingston

Robin Livingston


Robin Livingston grew up in the mining communities of Northern Ontario and comes from a long line of storytellers. It was her love of words and a good story that prompted her to begin writing years ago. Her books are her legacy, a gift to her children and grandchildren. Visit Robin’s website

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A Personal Makeover – Inside and Out

A Personal Makeover – Inside and Out

A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider: Words to Stimulate the Mind and Delight the Spirit contributor, Kimberley Payne, gives a reading to whet your whistle and send you off in search of your own cup of encouragement.



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You’ll be accountable to yourself and to others through weekly Team Challenges.

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