Farewell All!

Farewell All!

by Kimberley Payne and Janis Cox


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Although it’s with mixed emotions that we write this post, we are both excited about God’s plans for the future. We plan to slowly dismantle our Family & Faith Matters blog as of January 2015.

We started this blog in 2012 out of a mutual desire to reach parents with a message of hope and encouragement. We made “Equipping Moms for Faithful Living” our tag line and chose 3 John 1:4 as our scripture verse:

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.

Over the years, we provided different posts on topics such as raising children, money and finances, meal planning, prayer, and fitness and health. We also hosted special posts such as “Faith & Family Friendly Foto Friday” and “Seeking God through a Lens”.

We invited guest bloggers to join our team. Authors who contributed to our blog include Brenda Wood, Susan Harris, Ruth Smith Meyer, Tracy Campbell, Robin Livingston, Deb Powell, Carolyn j Morris, and Peter Black.

We plan to continue to maintain a Facebook Page under the Family & Faith Matters banner. We also may attend conferences such as the Parent’s Guide Homeschool Conference in Barrie.


Kimberley Payne

I (Kimberley) plan to pursue podcasting. I have opportunity to join HopeStreamRadio in the new year with a podcast called “Set Free” that will dispel common health and fitness myths. I will also be launching a podcast called “Health Matters” where I will share my devotional writings. I will be designing more on-line courses and plan to host a Health & Fitness Telesummit. I will also be offering webinars through The Word Guild, starting with “Staying Fit while Sitting all Day”.

Please join Kimberley by subscribing to her blog, follow her on Twitter, on Facebook, and on Pinterest. Also you can sign up to receive updates in Kimberley’s Newsletter.



I (Janis) plan to focus more on my artwork and complete my two children’s stories. I will also be joining the HopeStreamRadio team with a podcast on prayer, studying the Bible and my continuing walk with the Lord. I also would like to produce my second Bible Study, this time based on Ed Hird’s second book, Restoring Health – Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Please join Janis by subscribing to her blog, follow her on Twitter, on Facebook and on Pinterest. Also you can sign up to receive updates in Janis’ Newsletter.

We thank you for your loyalty over the years. Please continue to support our guest bloggers who’ve contributed and make sure to check out their books and their own personal blogs.

May God bless you! Happy New Year.

Kimberley and Janis


Kimberley Payne @fitforfaith and Janis Cox @authorjaniscox are closing down Family and Faith Matter @famfaithmatters. (click to Tweet)


P.S. After we told our contributors that we are closing down Family & Faith Matters blog, Brenda Wood responded and blessed us with a poem.


What to Say? What to Say?

After all, don’t they know

That I sit here bemoaning

And missing it so?


The loss, not just writings

But close friendships true,

The contact of journeys

That takes paths askew?


But when God is leading

What are we to do?

But walk in obedience,

Both all and you two!


So off we all wander,

Our paths on their own,

But carrying the joy

That friendships have grown!

Brenda J Wood


After reading Brenda’s heartfelt words, Jan felt she needed to respond. The response flowed out in poetry.


We will not lose connection,

God will be true

To lead us together

With something else to do.


We will wait and watch

Knowing He cares

And be ready to move

As He shows He’s aware.


Merry Christmas to you,

And Kimberley too

Happy New Year to all

We’ll see this job through.

Love Janis

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6 Responses to Farewell All!

  1. Hi Ladies,
    I knew this was coming, but seeing it unfold on my screen makes me sad. Although…Brenda and Janis’ poems lifted me up.
    Kimberley and Janis, thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me play a small part in sharing my God heart on Family & Faith Matters.
    Sending blessings of love to you both, and to all of the regular contributors.
    Happy New Year! 🙂

  2. Loved the poems! But sad, of course about the Farewell aspect. But not too sad, because you’re not really going away, but following the path and leading of the Good and Great Shepherd of our souls. We’re all members of His flock, and following Him, too.
    Bountiful blessings to you both and all of the F & F M friends and contributors.
    And all fruitful success to y’all! ~~+~~

    • Janis Cox says:

      Thank you Peter. We know that God called us from FFM but we will still be writing and hopefully have guest writers as well. Let’s continue to grow the flock.
      Blessings to you,

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